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The genotype of the Miniature Australian Bulldog came from hybridizing the Australian Bulldog, French bulldog and the Pug blood
lines. The intention was to create a smaller version of the Australian Bulldog - a mighty small, mighty tough dog.

Our initial encounter with a Miniature Australian Bulldog was some three years ago when we were quite literally hooked at first
sight as we became the proud owners of Lolly Pop Cuddly Spot aka:- Miss Bobbie, a 2nd Generation MAB.

MAB To be honest we were not sure which of Bobbies redeeming qualities drew us in – her endless wrinkles that appeared to know no boundaries, her apparently well timed sideways tilt of the head when conversing with her, the big black eyed sad expression that could melt the hardest heart or her well placed front paws on your arm as if you had forgotten her presence. Our little pocket rocket – Bobbie has an adaptable nature to suit the mood and activities of this family whether it be roaring around the backyard or lounging on the couch watching Sunday movies.

As corny as its sounds ‘I adore this breed so much that I bought the registry’ in September 2013 with the clear intention of
maintaining the genetic lines as determined by Pip and Lee-Ann as early as 2001. A role I am looking forward to with much

I can only hope you will have as much satisfaction exploring this web site looking for that ‘special` MAB as we did three years ago.